Global Leader in the Production of High Alloy Welded Pipe & Tubing

For more than 50 years, the name Swepco Tube has been synonymous with high alloy, corrosion resistant products for the process industries.  Over the years, Swepco Tube has not only provided the special products used in very stringent applications, but has backed their products with unparalleled service and technical support.   As an ASME Section I, Section III and Section VIII certificate holder, Swepco Tube will provide exceptional technical and manufacturing expertise for all critical applications requiring high performance materials.

Size range Pipe-4″ IPS through 36″ IPS schedule 5 through 160, Tubing-5″ OD through 48″ OD, Walls .065″ through 3″, Lengths to 40 feet long without a circumferential weld and produced with one longitudinal weld seam. Swepco also produces rolled and welded cylinders in diameters up to 96″. Walls through 2″ thickness can be autogenously welded (without filler metal) for complete conformance to the ASME SA-312 specification. Swepco can produce products conforming to many other codes and specifications. Structural-Squares 3″ x 3″ through 24″ x 24″. Rectangles 2″ x 4″ through 23″ x 24″. Walls .065″ through 1″ thickness. Structural sizes through 12″ x 12″ x 1/2″ wall thickness are produced from tube rounds having 1 longitudinal weld seam. Larger sizes and heavier wall thicknesses may have 2 longitudinal seams.